Currency Charts: USD to CNH

This currency pair demonstrates high liquidity. Every currency of this pair refers to the most powerful economies of the world. What’s more, America and China are major trade partners. It makes the pair a potentially profitable financial instrument for any investor.

Key information

CNH is officially known as the Renminbi. However, this name is not widely spread. Instead, we know it as the Yuan. It’s one of the most liquid currencies in the world, and it’s quite natural considering that China, the world’s number two economy. It’s advanced and high-tech. The American economy still maintains first place.

The People’s Bank of China is responsible for issuing the Yuan. This financial institution is in charge of the country’s financial system. It sets the interest rate and carries out other activities to back the national currency. Every day it uncovers the so-called the Central Parity Rate specifying the recommended exchange rate against other currencies.

The Chinese watchdog doesn’t allow the national currency to deviate 2% from the set value. If the currency brakes that range, China’s significant bank instantly uses its tools and reserves to return the currency to the required amount. By the way, these the bank’s measures don’t directly influence the Yuan. It’s because there are two major currency pairs with the Yuan.

  • USD/CNH: The given pair is traded outside China. The most significant turnover for this asset is demonstrated in Hong Kong. China’s principal bank is unable to influence this asset directly.
  • USD/CNY: China is the only place where this pair is traded. The PBOC regulates it.

Quotes of those two pairs don’t differ more than 10-20 points. By the way, as a separate financial instrument, USD/CNH appeared in 2010. Before that, the primary Chinese currency was pegged to the greenback. Then, China did a lot to had its monetary policy liberalized.

We know the greenback as the key Forex currency seen in almost all currency pairs. The Federal Reserve acts as America’s critical financial watchdog. It’s responsible for issuing USD.

USD/CNH is under significant influence of news from the United States and China. You should pay much attention to changes in interest rates in these countries. Don’t forget to pay attention to the nations’ critical macroeconomic indicators. The release of important news can cause enormous volatility of the asset.

As a rule, only experienced investors trade this pair because, for newbies, it’s too complicated. To succeed in trading this pair, your rich experience wouldn’t be enough. You should also rely on technical and fundamental analysis.

Key trading features

Notwithstanding the fact Chain’s economy holds the second place after the American one, the Chinese Yuan isn’t among the most popular Forex assets. A high number of traders stay away from this currency. Nevertheless, you can derive significant benefits from this currency pair.

For this purpose, you should compare technical and fundamental analysis data. Moreover, you should closely watch key new publications in both currencies. Never underestimate money management. You shouldn’t risk more than 10% of your trading deposit for one deal. Utilize leverage rationally. This approach will enable you to achieve decent results in trading this currency pair.


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