Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token is a tool for making internal payments inthe Brave system. The coin does not have a direct link to the crypto market, remainsvolatile regardless of general trends, and provides traders with a stable income.

Interesting facts

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based decentralized currencyexchange platform created by Brandon Eich. He is also the developer of the Javascriptprogramming language and the Firefox Mozilla web browser.

The platform was created in collaboration with the Brave browser. BAT is thebackbone of the economy of the new browser because it is an electronic paymentsystem that improves the process of monetization of content for creators and users ofinternet advertising through the advice of loyal fans.

The Basic Attention Token marker reads people’s attention as part of the paymentthat the browser distributes based on the surfing business model. This new currencyhas several uses.

For those who want to advertise on Brave, the token can be used to purchaseadvertising space and attract the attention of other users. In this particular model, thefounders receive advertising revenue in the same tokens.

Coins can be replaced by other currencies, and in fact, Brave pays users forviews. Instead of targeted advertisements that appear when browsing other browsers,Brave uses its own advertisements that target an anonymous aggregate of their userbase.

Basic Attention Token is one of the few cryptocurrencies with a legal use case andavailability of a working product. The main percentage of the functionality of the coin ispredetermined only by the attention and involvement of the user in the content. Themore users view ads, the more coins they get.

The currency can be used not only when collaborating with Brave, but also withother web browsers. In 2017, all tokens were sold out in 24 seconds, thus making about$35 million.

What influences the price

BAT is not a cryptocurrency in the full sense of the word. By its nature, the coin iscloser to fiat money because it is used as a universal equivalent for exchange within asystem.

But behind the complex wording lies the main advantage of the coin. The onlything that affects it is demand. Neither news, nor political decisions, nor whatsoever, areyet able to influence Basic Attention Token.

Traders will be interested to know that the coin volatility is very high. The timeinterval between the peaks is about 25 days. This is due to the fact that the coin isactively being used when ordering advertising campaigns in Brave.

In order to successfully trade a token, a trader needs to concentrate only on thistype of cryptocurrency and conduct his own analysis of the trends inherent in the Bravesystem.

A clear understanding of when and how much money the participants of thesystem will spend on advertising and ordering services will allow the trader to act ontime and put up futures for the sale or purchase of an asset.

The quotation chart demonstrates amazing stability, from 2017 to 2019 there were7 pumps when the currency rose in price by 100-150%. On shorter distances, it canalso be traced that the volatility of BAT is consistently high and does not repeat any ofthe other cryptocurrency charts.

For beginners, this is a good choice, since the mechanism of coin operation isquite understandable and open to logical prediction. Experienced investors who preferto trade futures will also be able to make a good profit from trading.

With the market stagnation, which lasted from October 2018 to May 2019, BasicAttention Token was the only major cryptocurrency that continued to bring in dividendsfrom trading.

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