Facebook Stock Price and Chart

One of the world’s largest companies in the IT sector is Facebook. The corporation owns popular instant messengers and social networks. High traffic has made an ordinary portal a real global giant. Facebook shares are included in the category of “blue chips” and are one of the most popular among investors and stock market traders.

Main characteristics

The number of Facebook products includes the social network of the same name. The monthly attendance of this resource is 1.8 billion users. The company’s products also include WhatsApp messengers, Messenger, as well as the Instagram application, which is very popular. The holding consists of subsidiaries. Among them are projects such as Atlas, Oculus, Masquerade and CrowdTangle.

The high profitability of assets makes them attractive both to large investors and to individuals. The cost of these equity securities is small. To become a shareholder of the company does not require possessing significant capital.

The history of Facebook began in the winter of 2004. Then Saverin, Hughes, Moskowitz, and Zuckerberg launched the first version of the application. Their site’s original name was Facebook. The rapid growth in popularity of the social network came two years later when the founders decided to provide access to their project to users around the world.

A year later, the company acquired investment attractiveness. The project drew attention to Microsoft. Then it was bought shares of the company of USD 230 million without the participation of stock exchanges. This event attracted attention to the project, which allowed for an effective IPO.

Initially, the creators of the project sought to develop business in several directions. It is for this reason that several subsidiaries were created, which we mentioned above. A variety of activities allowed to increase profits, making the project multifunctional and in demand.

Facebook shares became available to a broad audience only in 2012. Most equity securities are traded on the NASDAQ. Microsoft’s investments had a positive impact on the popularity of the project. As a result, Facebook stock demand was well ahead of supply. At the time of placement, equity securities were worth USD 38.0.

The IPO advertising campaign has drawn even more attention to Facebook. As a result, in the shortest possible time, the project capitalization exceeded USD 100 billion. After the hype subsided, stocks dipped by 33%. According to analysts, this is a direct consequence of the revaluation of the asset at the time of the IPO.

Over time, the value of shares reached USD 30.0. Then it again fell to the level of USD 20.0. Only in the summer of 2013, stock quotes reached their original value and later surpassed them. Further, the asset steadily showed a bullish trend with small corrective pullbacks.

The asset’s popularity is due to not only the demand for the company’s products but also to a balanced and effective development strategy. Due to this, the profit of the project is continuously growing. Currently, Facebook shares are considered one of the most reliable and secure. They are included in the calculation of several stock indices. To date, Facebook’s capitalization has exceeded USD 547 billion.

To trade these securities, you need to use the standard exchange approach. You need to buy shares during the correctional movement. In this case, it is necessary to use the standard rules of money management. You should not risk in one transaction the amount that exceeds 5% of your deposit.


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