Saudi Investment Bank

SAIB is a Saudi joint-stock company engaged in investment banking: stock trading, asset management, leasing, mortgages, insurance, and credit cards. In particular, Saudi Investment Bank arranges financing for the quasi-public and private industrial sectors and trade finance products to facilitate import and increase Saudi exports. The company was founded in 1976, with headquarters in Riyadh.
SAIB shareholders: General Organization for Social Insurance, State Pension Agency, other public and private institutions of Saudi Arabia, as well as individuals of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Saudi Investment Bank has specialized units that study the identity of the client: implementing a policy to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Some units monitor the implementation of these procedures.
  • The Bank is involved in the fight against money laundering and is an active member of the Financial Crimes Committee, which holds regular meetings under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. Anti-money laundering refers to many laws designed to prevent criminals from concealing illegally obtained funds as legal income. AML rules require financial institutions that grant loans or allow customers to open deposit accounts to ensure that they do not help in money laundering.
  • Saudi Investment Bank adheres to 10 UN principles in the field of human rights, labor, environment, and the fight against corruption.
  1. Support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.
  2. Make sure your activities are not involved in human rights violations.
  3. Businesses must support free collective bargaining.
  4. Forced labor must be eliminated.
  5. Child labor must be eradicated.
  6. No discrimination at work.
  7. A cautious approach to solving environmental problems.
  8. Increasing environmental responsibility.
  9. Encouraging the development of green technologies.
  10. Fight against corruption.

Finance and rating of the Saudi Investment Bank

As the financial results for the six months, ended June 30, 2019 show, net profit, compared with the same period last year, decreased by 104.0%.

The bank’s executive director associates the indicators with an increase in operating expenses, an increase in loan and salary reserves, costs related to employees, depreciation, and amortization.

On the other hand, total operating income increased by 0.6% due to an increase in net special fee and commission income, exchange income, and unrealized fair value through profit or loss.

Net profit after zakat and income tax for the six months ended June 30, 2019, amounted to 285 million riyals, a loss of 3 million riyals. Earnings per share were SAR 0.86.

Saudi Investment Bank’s operating profit, its liquidity, and capital adequacy ratios are at a high level and exceed the requirements established by regulatory enactments.

For example, Fitch Ratings affirmed the Saudi Investment Bank’s long-term issuer default rating of “BBB +” with a stable outlook.

The agency also affirmed the Bank’s Vitality Rating (VR) and Support Rating (SRF) at “bbb-” and “BBB +.” This suggests that the probability of support for the bank by the Saudi authorities is high.

The Fitch assessment is based on the experience of supporting Saudi banks, the continued willingness of the government to maintain stability in the domestic financial system, given the large, albeit declining, external reserves and expanded access to foreign markets.

SRIB and SRF SAIB also reflect the lower systemic importance of the bank compared to larger banks, due to the smaller size of the Saudi Investment Bank, market share, and franchise.

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