Ford Motor Company Stock Price and Chart

The first-class American company with the largest capital in the world and long history is said to be the Ford Motor Company. The company’s securities are included in many stock indices – S&P 100, S&P 500, which means that this is a great option for making investments into the shares of the Ford Motor Company.

The US dollar and the country’s macroeconomic factors depend on the economic performance of this company.

The Ford brand is considered to be one of the most brilliant brands of the last century. These automobiles are said to be the American four-wheeled icons and the embodiment of the image of the Hollywood macho among all other cars.

Moreover, Ford has become the most filmed car in the history of filmmaking, according to (British analytical company). The automobile brand has been shot as the main hero of films more than 9,000 times. Each and every car was a unique character, with temperament and amazing appearance. The Ford cars were filmed in “Dumb and Dumber”, “Men in Black”, “Pesomobile”, and other famous films.

Fordism and how has the company become successful

The reasons are various for the popularity of the Ford automobiles.

First, let’s take a short excursion through the long Ford’s history. This company was founded by a very talented inventor and businessman Henry Ford in Detroit, 1903.

Henry was a true fighter for consumer rights, moreover, he was seen as a capitalist with a human face. The inventor aimed to make his car available to any person from all around the globe. In order to achieve his goal, Ford considered it necessary to always introduce new technologies, make the working conditions for employers better and to permit them to manage the profit of the company by themselves. His factories were the safest ones in for employees, due to the fact that they were greatly lit and had an amazing ventilation system.

The car making process was shortened in time, because of the introduction of new technologies. And this is the reason why Ford automobiles reduced in price. In the 1920s, these cars became available for everyone, including for people with democratic wallets.

The salary of the fabric employees was pretty significant. In the 1920s, the daily payment was $5, which at those times was a lot. Also, the working hours were cut to 40 per week. So the Ford employees worked 5 days a week, with the working day being 8 hours long. Besides, its employees were allowed to take part in the investments of the company and could buy the Ford cars for a great price. These rules and principles led to the beginning of a trend called Fordism.

More than 160 inventions were created and patented by Henry Ford. The Ford company created not only cars, but also aircraft, gas masks, tanks, weapons, track machines, and other technologies.

Henry Ford is said to be a controversial person. At first, during the First World War, he was a peace supporter and wanted the war to end as fast as possible. Because of his points of view, the European press criticized him greatly. But for some reason, his view changed completely. During the Second World War, his factories produced automobiles in Germany, and moreover, they used the work of concentration camp prisoners. And on the other hand, in the USA, his factories performed orders for the US Army and Navy and allies.

Modern facts about the Ford Motor Company

Nowadays, Henry Ford’s company produces both, Ford and Lincoln cars. His companies are scattered around the globe in 65 different locations.

Besides, the company produces sports cars that will participate in the rally and Formula 1. This is the most profitable activity of the company. Another way that the company earns a huge amount of profit is by producing automotive engines.

Ways to trade the securities of Henry Ford’s company

From the beginning of the company’s existence, it was fully in private hands. But in 1956, 22% of the shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Nowadays, its stocks are components of many indices: S&P 500, S&P 100, DJ US, DJ Sector Titans Composite, and others. Ford Motor Company securities are very attractive to investors.

Based on the July 31, 2019 data, the company’s shared had the price of $9.60 per share. It is advisable by the Forex analysts to buy the company’s shares at the time when their price is reduced. Even an investor with a democratic wallet can afford to buy the first-class stocks of American companies and Ford Motor Company tools.

If you wish to purchase the Henry Ford’s shares, you can do it on the brokerage platform by registering on the website. All experienced investors enjoy using the trading platform.

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