GoPro Stock Price and Chart

The unique GoPro camera is capable of transmitting unique moments of dynamic changes in life, withstanding any physical stress, severe mechanical damage. GoPro is a faithful companion for travelers, divers, diggers, skydivers, surfers, car racers.

GoPro special effects make it possible to use the camera when shooting documentary projects, action films, and feature films.

GoPro shares can be purchased at Forex.

As soon as it appeared, GoPro became a favorite of Wall Street traders. GoPro was named as one of the youngest and most successful in the past 25 years at Forex. Specialization – action cameras production. The scientific name of the camera is “action” and comes from the English “action,” which means “movement,” “life.”

The founder of the enterprise, Nikos Woodman, is called a crazy millionaire. The American did not even imagine that his youthful passion for extreme sports would be the idea of a profitable business.

Being on a long journey, Nikos Woodman was visited by the idea of creating a special high-quality video camera that is easy to use for fans of outdoor activities and sports.

An emergency camera should be cheap, attached to the athlete’s wrist, not be afraid of bumps, mechanical damage, entirely write sound and video.

Action camera prototype’s creation

Nick Woodman created a filming machine, having sewed a cover for it. Woodman’s camera was based on a three-dollar Chinese camera.

The author’s prototype action camera was sent to a Chinese company that agreed to cooperate and produce shooting equipment for mass consumption.

Action cameras have become wildly in demand. Small, lightweight (weighing 72 grams), a cheap video camera can be attached to surfing, the helmet of a skier, fixed on a car. Amateur video shot by action camera, acquires magic, dynamics, conveys the subjective look of a person.

The use of extreme video cameras has become a new word in art.

Extreme camera for market heroes

In 2014, the Company’s shares were first placed for public sale. The Company’s profitability increased to 75%. Bloomberg named Woodman as the highest-paid CEO in the United States.

The Woodman-created media company spent millions on the production of documentary projects, television shows demonstrating how extreme camera effects work.

Why the extreme camera will be in demand

Individual features of the view of the action camera could not be surpassed: the ability to shoot 120 frames per second, water testing, water pressure at depth, strength, ease of handling.

Cinematographers call the wide-angle view of an extreme video camera as a fisheye. It gives the magic of video frames.

The fisheye of extreme video cameras best conveys panoramic shooting, landscapes of unique beauty, the shot of mountains, waves, clouds. Taking pictures of views with the built-in iPhone camera does not give such a powerful effect of relief and depth.

Woodman’s extreme camera shoots landscapes; beautiful subject and portrait shooting are possible. Just watch the fantastic action movie “Hardcore” filmed in 2015 by Ilya Naishuller with GoPro.

GoPro’s Stock Trading

The price of GoPro stock in early July 2019 was USD 5.39.

Forex analysts believe that the securities of the Woodman Firm can be purchased in the long term.

Filmmakers predict that an extreme camera will be in demand. The extreme cinema view is indispensable when shooting documentaries, television shows, action films. Woodman’s firm has now set about developing flying drones. This will bring profitability.

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